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SoccerProject miniville

September 30, 2007

SoccerProject miniville

A few months ago we created a SoccerProject village. It’s located (virtually) in France, and of course we chose an area in the South of France 😉

The idea is that SoccerProject Town keeps growing as long as people visit the city website. We currently have about 1300 inhabitants and are ranked 95th. This used to be more, but at the moment some people are leaving the city because of some pollution which we should improve on as soon as possible.

Of course this is all just a miniature popularity game, but I think it’s good fun and a very nice idea for a website. At least I try to visit it once in a while…


A new Header

September 27, 2007

I wanted my own blog header for this blog, not just the default one from the theme WordPress offered. So, bearing my previously discussed PhotoShop-skills in mind, I asked the designer from the SoccerProject-layout for one more favour.

Luckily he was kind enough to work his magic again. He even made me a matching footer, just for the case I might ever decide to switch to where I would be able to change all kinds of stuff instead of only the header. Thanks Longhair;-)


Matt, Silverblast & Patqa

September 26, 2007


Some posts are bound to be bad news posts. During the last few weeks a few of our volunteers have announced they no longer have time or the motivation to keep practicing their ‘Job’. Although I don’t especially like this, I can only respect their decision and hope to find good replacements.

I also want to acknowledge all the hard work they’ve done for SoccerProject over the last few years. Thanks Matt, Silverblast and Patqa !

  • Silverblast Boyfriend of manager Sybke, who is still active, even for the newsletter’s latest edition. Silverblast must have been the youngest moderator ever on the SoccerProject forum, but he did a vey good job. Apart from that he also tried to break some SoccerProject formula’s of which I’m still not sure he really succeeded. I do know however he was at least very close to breaking the global rating formula for a player, his formula is now being used in eg. SPMT.
  • Matt Older brother of SilverBlast and for a long time he was the only moderator who could ban on the forum. As I already told you, that job has been taken over by El Stino now. Matt also co-organised the last SP-meeting in Gent, which was a really fun day!
  • Patqa He was the first Czech sheriff after Foxir, so it was a very hard choice. But I’ve never had any regrets, he did a great job. He also announced that he was going to leave us a long time before, so I had time to look for a new sheriff (Raynook).

I’m most certainly forgetting a lot of stuff they also did for us, I’m sorry for that. But the main thing is I’m very grateful for their help and wish them all the best !

First results SoccerProject Intro

September 25, 2007

Yesterday I announced the SoccerProject YouTube-Video. Since then this blog had over 4000 hits, the video had about 3000 views and on top of that all good comments. It even received 2 YouTube-honors :

  • #25 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gadgets & Games
  • #34 – Top Rated (Today) – Gadgets & Games

Of course I’m really glad, but what pleases me most is that all reactions are positive. I must have done something good 🙂 Also for the first time since quite a while, we had over 500 subscribers at Soccerproject today. I can’t see any other reason for this, it must be the video. Maybe it’s because some YouTube-users shared the video with their friends, I know at least btbking did it, maybe some others as well.

Luckily I also discovered I can simply embed Youtube-videos in this blog, that should make it easier for blog readers to see the video. Too bad I didn’t know this yesterday.

Because of the positive reactions I also decided to add the YouTube-link in the SoccerProject-Invitation-Email managers can send to invite new managers to SoccerProject.

I also learned one other thing. 3 Diggs from 4000 hits, that means Digg and SoccerProject do not match, I guess 😉

A question to end with. 3000 views certainly is nice, but does that mean that 34000 SoccerProject managers have not seen the video yet ?

SoccerProject @ YouTube

September 24, 2007

Manager sex_pistols had an idea, I wrote about it a few days ago. Using Windows Movie maker, a few screenshots and some music he created a SoccerProject Promo Video and put it on YouTube.

Although I really liked it, I did feel some details could be improved, so I decided to try and create another version. Needless to say it turned out to be harder than expected, but now I’m quite pleased with the result. I hope you like it too …

I hope this video will enable us to attract new managers and convince them in 42 seconds to at least give SoccerProject a try.

To block time slots: Release

September 23, 2007

As I wrote a few days ago, I was planning to add this new feature to SoccerProject. Tonight I released it and this afternoon I wrote a game message so every manager would know. Their haven’t been too many reactions on the forum, but they were all positive. I guess most managers are glad with it, otherwise they surely would have complained by now.

Also some good news from the SoccerProject newsletter, they just launched several new articles on their blog which were a pleasure to read. They even mention this blog, I believe that’s called cross-referencing 😉

Stuutekeer & OscarCookie

September 22, 2007

I forgot to mention 2 more blogs yesterday. Both are from SoccerProject-managers and although not really about SoccerProject, I think they’re surely worth taking a look.

Stuutekeer - Gravensteen

The first one is Stuutekeer. My apologies to the Non-Dutch readers because they won’t understand a word, but the pictures alone are worth taking a look at too. It’s a Photoblog from manager Ketoak, former winner of the A-division in SoccerProject. He posts pictures taken with all kind of special camera’s like a match box or an empty box of cookies. Take a closer look a the above picture and how he managed to put both sides of the river on the same photo. Very nice !

Next one up is OscarCookie, well-known SoccerProject manager, best known because he created and maintains SPMT, the first and most-used SoccerProject tool. Apparently he recently found out about GeoCaching. I’ve never done it, but seems nice. Maybe he’ll show me one day …