Feedburner and MyBlogLog

To enhance my new blog I’ve now added two so-called ‘widgets’ to the sidebar on the right.

FeedBurner Logo

First I subscribed to Feedburner which allows readers of this blog to subscribe for E-mail notifications when this blog is updated. Everything was explained very well on this ‘How can I offer email updates?’-page. I wanted to have this because although RSS is great, I’m convinced it’s seems too complicated to most surfers.

MyBlogLog Logo

Afterwards I signed up for MyBlogLog. Their widget shows the most recent MyBlogLog-readers for this blog which add some color to this pages :-). Of course that’s not why I subscribed, I just wanted to explore the community possibilities from Web2.0 and hope I’ll learn some new stuff along the way. There is a lot of talk about that and with a WordPress, MyBlogLog, FeedBurner, Digg and Del.ico.us-account, I think I’m up for it now 😉

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2 Comments on “Feedburner and MyBlogLog”

  1. jefke76 Says:

    I like the feedburner widget. I am also subscribed to other ones and it’s nice to receive an email in the morning with all the updates from the blogs i follow.

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