El Stino

Quite a coincidence… I was thinking about contacting manager El Stino for a few days now, but today I got a message from him myself. He explained to me that although opateam did a great job before, he now got a little busy, so they decided to create a completely new site for the SoccerProject Uefa Cup and Champions League.

SoccerProject Champions League

SoccerProject Uefa Cup

As you can see it’s a nice result and I certainly hope this will help both cups to exist for a long time to come. I like both tournaments, not only because they have been around for so long and already have a great tradition, but also because it’s a joint effort between managers from several different countries. I’m not going to name all those managers, but each country can have it’s own coordinator who will organise a tournament in his country to decide which managers will be allowed to participate in the general tournament to represent that country. I think it’s quite an achievement for so many, so different managers to coöperate and create such a big tournament with qualifiers and such. Congratz for that !

Seeing the website also reminded me of manager BobStanley, who, together with his son created the first edition of the Champions League from which everything started. Bob was a great manager and betatester for us. I remember him for a few things, but mostly his always nice-to-read forumposts and the fact he was a beta-tester for computer games in real life as well. Imagine having that for a job …

Coming back to El Stino now. I wanted to ask him if he could take over from Matt as the only moderator with the possibilty to ban forum-users. Matt has been doing a great job for almost three years now, but his motivation has dropped lately. So I think it’s only fair to free him from his duties 🙂 El Stino accepted, so that’s one problem less to solve. If only I could achieve that every day 😉

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