Yockr & El Stino

SoccerProject Forum

Besides “SoccerProject the game”, there is of course “SoccerProject the forum”. With different sections for each language and hundreds of posts every day, there is no way I can manage that all by myself. Of course I try to keep up as good as possible, but luckily I have, for each country, a few moderators who take car of their section. Obviously I’m very thankful for all their help.

Forum moderators try to calm down managers when needed, delete all spam and close topics if necesarry. Banning is not one of the options for moderators in a PhpBB forum, but they can ask for a ban on a special forum section which is moderator-only. If a ban is justified, the user will be banned by the only moderator who can ban, or by myself, depending on who has time for it.

Today I asked manager yockr if he could help us on the forum and as I hoped, he agreed to try his best. So that makes we have a new Dutch moderator. Meanwhile El Stino has become our “ban”-moderator. The previous one, Matt, is slowing down his SP activities and he was kind enough to mention that to me before really quiting, so I could look for a replacement. I wish both El Stino en yockr all the best with their new possibilities and of course I hope Matt will stay with us for some more time too come…

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