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Today I tried to find some more blogs about SoccerProject. Of course the Newsletter is the most important one because it’s about SoccerProject only, but I also found two other blogs related to SoccerProject, and I’m sure there are more out there…

The first one is from a manager sharing his experiences and insights. Really cool to see how a manager can create his own dedicated site for the football team he’s responsible for.

The second one is from one of our moderators (I really didn’t know this before) , Geronimo. Allthough he linked to SoccerProject, the topic is totally different, apparently Geronimo likes music ;-). Thanks for linking though…

I’ll be looking for more SoccerProject blogs. Do you know any ?

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4 Comments on “SoccerProject Blogs”

  1. Geronimo Says:

    Apparently alot of users already read this blog since ive got +10 people over at my blog linked to this one. Like I said on the forum today i’ll update my blog with 2 new posts one about sp the other about music (deuh!) :p

    And yes I like music (L)

  2. kayos Says:

    haha…I’ve neglected that lately, I need to try and make more time to add to that. 😀

  3. freaq Says:

    I have a very small one about my own team called Kanapee B (division D, but falling to the E again next season). As the manager of the team, I give ‘fake interviews’ as if I was the greatest manager of the world 😉 I talk about possible transfers, about my topscorers, about the near and further future of the team…

    It’s in Dutch though, so foreigners won’t find anything interesting over there… Neither do Flemish people, actually 😀


  4. Bernardoe Says:

    omg.. good work, bro

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