SoccerProject @ YouTube

Manager sex_pistols had an idea, I wrote about it a few days ago. Using Windows Movie maker, a few screenshots and some music he created a SoccerProject Promo Video and put it on YouTube.

Although I really liked it, I did feel some details could be improved, so I decided to try and create another version. Needless to say it turned out to be harder than expected, but now I’m quite pleased with the result. I hope you like it too …

I hope this video will enable us to attract new managers and convince them in 42 seconds to at least give SoccerProject a try.

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7 Comments on “SoccerProject @ YouTube”

  1. jefke76 Says:

    Very nice! Let’s hope a lot of SP managers will digg this…

  2. Foxir Says:

    Really great video, do you think that’ll be usefull to make ‘Czech clone’ of this video. But I can help with translation only 🙂

  3. sjarel Says:

    Any SoccerProject Video on YouTube would be nice. I’m sure a creative manager could make some really nice movie. About translation, I’m not too sure whether we should only translate the overlay texts, which I could do myself, or also make different screenshots which a Czech manager would have to do, creating a completely new movie.

  4. Rebelboy Says:

    Good video, good idea. Lets hope this will attract a lot of new managers to start playing SP.

  5. Mindukas Says:

    Fantastic game!!!

  6. cajomati Says:

    Yeah! A fantastic game, with great managers! Cool!

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