First results SoccerProject Intro

Yesterday I announced the SoccerProject YouTube-Video. Since then this blog had over 4000 hits, the video had about 3000 views and on top of that all good comments. It even received 2 YouTube-honors :

  • #25 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gadgets & Games
  • #34 – Top Rated (Today) – Gadgets & Games

Of course I’m really glad, but what pleases me most is that all reactions are positive. I must have done something good 🙂 Also for the first time since quite a while, we had over 500 subscribers at Soccerproject today. I can’t see any other reason for this, it must be the video. Maybe it’s because some YouTube-users shared the video with their friends, I know at least btbking did it, maybe some others as well.

Luckily I also discovered I can simply embed Youtube-videos in this blog, that should make it easier for blog readers to see the video. Too bad I didn’t know this yesterday.

Because of the positive reactions I also decided to add the YouTube-link in the SoccerProject-Invitation-Email managers can send to invite new managers to SoccerProject.

I also learned one other thing. 3 Diggs from 4000 hits, that means Digg and SoccerProject do not match, I guess 😉

A question to end with. 3000 views certainly is nice, but does that mean that 34000 SoccerProject managers have not seen the video yet ?

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