Matt, Silverblast & Patqa


Some posts are bound to be bad news posts. During the last few weeks a few of our volunteers have announced they no longer have time or the motivation to keep practicing their ‘Job’. Although I don’t especially like this, I can only respect their decision and hope to find good replacements.

I also want to acknowledge all the hard work they’ve done for SoccerProject over the last few years. Thanks Matt, Silverblast and Patqa !

  • Silverblast Boyfriend of manager Sybke, who is still active, even for the newsletter’s latest edition. Silverblast must have been the youngest moderator ever on the SoccerProject forum, but he did a vey good job. Apart from that he also tried to break some SoccerProject formula’s of which I’m still not sure he really succeeded. I do know however he was at least very close to breaking the global rating formula for a player, his formula is now being used in eg. SPMT.
  • Matt Older brother of SilverBlast and for a long time he was the only moderator who could ban on the forum. As I already told you, that job has been taken over by El Stino now. Matt also co-organised the last SP-meeting in Gent, which was a really fun day!
  • Patqa He was the first Czech sheriff after Foxir, so it was a very hard choice. But I’ve never had any regrets, he did a great job. He also announced that he was going to leave us a long time before, so I had time to look for a new sheriff (Raynook).

I’m most certainly forgetting a lot of stuff they also did for us, I’m sorry for that. But the main thing is I’m very grateful for their help and wish them all the best !

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2 Comments on “Matt, Silverblast & Patqa”

  1. el stino Says:

    Matt and Silverblast, we will never forget you guys! 😉

    I hope we will see you from time to time on the forum or on the next sp-Meeting.
    Good luck with the studies.

    el stino

  2. […] it turned out that former sheriff patqa has rejoined SoccerProject, and he was prepared to help us out for the following […]

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