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Free VideoConferencing

October 31, 2007


Manager OscarCookie blogged about Vidivic today. It’s a completely free web based service offering high-quality video conferencing. In other words, if you and your friend(s) have a webcam and a micro, you can chat and view eachother for free without having to install an extra program on your computer. Just surf to, invite your friend and wait until he arrives to start.

Seems like a very nice service, I wish I had a webcam 😉


PiRLo & Fikkiezero

October 30, 2007

Manager PiRLo has decided to leave SoccerProject. Since he was one of our Dutch transferforum moderators, I had to look for a replacement. Fortunately manager Fikkiezero was kind enough to help me out, so the other moderator of the Dutch transferforum, Sjoerd, will not have to handle all topics himself. Welcome Fikkiezero !

I would like to thank PiRLo for all the effort he put into the forum to help SoccerProject and wish him all the best ! And of course we wish Fikkiezero goodluck on the forum…

krcgenk & Ivan Pavlovich

October 29, 2007

After years of hard work manager krcgenk told me today he is no longer interested in being a sheriff. krcgenk has been with SoccerProject since the beginning as one of our first moderators, afterwards he became a sheriff which he did for quite a long time. All good things come to an end, but I still think it’s a pity. Of course I understand and respect his decision and I would like to thank him for all the cheaters he caught and all the mysteries he unraffled.

Looking for a replacement is not easy, a sheriff has a lot possibilities so I need to pick the right person. With more and more languages being spoken by all SoccerProject managers I asked ‘polyglot’ Ivan Pavlovich to join the sheriff-team. I’m glad he said yes and I hope he will continue the good work krcgenk did for the SoccerProject community.

Bye krcgenk and good luck Ivan Pavlovich !


October 28, 2007

Ilmenau banner

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daniel from the University of Ilmenau, Germany. He told me

We dedicate ourselves at the moment to the research of usage behavior, usage motivation and usage experience in online games. Especially, this are browser-based games, mini-games and flash-games as well as different kinds of client-games.

and asked if we wanted to help him advertise a survey to our users.

Obviously I’m interested in this kind of research and it doesn’t harm to help people a little, so I agreed to participate. You can see his banner on top of this post and below is his invitation text. I hope a lot of our users take some time to help Daniel and we’ll be able to learn something from the results.

Dear Gamer,

in the Department Media Management at the University of Ilmenau / Germany we are dedicated in the scientific research on different types of online games. Especially we focus on browser-based games, client games (different MMORPGs, Second Life, Online Poker), other types of computer games and console games.
To do this we are dependent on your help. Thus we ask you to participate in our survey, which takes only a few minutes of your time.
As compensation for your invested time, we raffle free coupons. In addition – and thats much more interesting than any coupon – we publicate our results for free after finishing all research to everyone who is interested in it.
Needless to say that all information you give is collected anonymously and will only be used for academic purposes. There is no commercial provider involved in our research.

We wish you to have fun participating in our survey.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Daniel Schultheiss

Department Media Management
University of Ilmenau / Germany


October 24, 2007

After new SoccerProject managers have enjoyed their free SPFA-trial they are asked to fill in a small questionnaire. From the results we learn that 17% of those managers choose for “I’d like to pay, but it’s too difficult” when being asked “Why didn’t you take SPFA?”.

That’s why I’m glad to have found this :

MoneyBookers Reach.

I recently updated our MoneyBookers-account and noticed how they had a nice overview of their payments options all over the world. As I know that a lot of our users would like to pay for SPFA-membership but think it’s too difficult, I would like to share this map with you. Clicking on the map should give you a better view.

As you can see paying with a simple bank transfer is possible in a lot of countries and paying by credit card is possible in even more countries around the world. This shouls be helpful for a lot of our members I guess …

German SoccerProject Video

October 23, 2007

Manager Sljivovica released a new SoccerProject Video today. A German one. Sljivovica was the one who finished the German translation and since then he has been the moving spirit behind the German community. He has tried several initiatives to attract more Germans and I think this is yet another great accomplishment. Not in the least because I know it takes a lot more time to create such a video than you would think.


Also I can share with you already, he succeeded in getting the attention of a German university who has now contacted me for a cooperation in the near future. I’ll tell you more in a later post, when I have some more details.

Blog stats

October 21, 2007

Blog stats

I was just looking at my blog stats and found this interesting graph. Looks like I should create a new game message about this blog if I want it to be read 😉

Some bad news about translation. Manager Kashkoshka who was translating SoccerProject into Hebrew told me he no longer has time for it. I hope we will find a new translator soon, it should be very interesting to see how the site looks in a right-to-left language.