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To have access to some extra features at SoccerProject, which is free for basic users of course, particpants can purchase SPFA-membership (SoccerProject Football Association). To encourage managers to become a member I asked Truus, a friend of mine and so much at better at designing and Flash than I am, to create an attractive banner for this..

Not only did I want it to be attractive, clear and in line with the new design, I also asked for a banner which we could use in all different languages. Because we have members playing SoccerProject in 20 different languages I felt it was important we could give them all a suited banner.

Despite all my wishes and numerous remarks, Truus showed some real patience and did a great job. I’m very glad with the result, it’s exactly what I had in mind. I think we’ll be able to use this banner for a long time to come…

Unfortunately I can’t show the banner here because it’s in flash, but I did have another idea…

SoccerProject Banner

Instead of only using the sophisticated Flash-banner, I also wanted to have a simple animated gif. Changing the texts a little resulted in a SoccerProject banner which we can now use to advertise SoccerProject on other sites.

Since I didn’t want to bother Truus again, I created this one myself from the fla-files Truus sent me. It’s amazing how many great tools there are out there on the web. Within a few minutes I found a tool, Magic Swf2Gif, to split an swf-file into separate frames and apparently there are even more tools nowadays to create an animated gif from a few separate files. Maybe the file could be made a little smaller, but I think the result is fine for now.

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One Comment on “SoccerProject Banner”

  1. Isis Says:

    Truus is great 🙂

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