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I’ve tried to translate the article I wrote in one of my first blog posts. I hope we will be able to attract some new users with it. Of course everyone is free to translate, post or improve this article or to get it published in it’s own national newspaper 😉

SoccerProject Logo
Buying and selling players, expanding your stadium, investing in youth players, playing games and challenging other teams for a friendly game or friendly tournament. No challenge is too big for the more than 38 000 virtual manager who already found their way to SoccerProject a free, fast growing online football manager game. All you need to join is a standard webbrowser. Can you manage it ?

Who doesn’t want to take control? Everyone has an opinion about a football club, tactical decisions or the behaviour of a star player. Soccerproject gives you the chance to prove how good a manger you are. You become the manager of your own football club and make all everyday decisions. Your aim of course is eternal glory in a competition with thousands of other managers from all over the world.

As a manager you are responsible for mostly everything within the club. You decide about transfers and are responsible for a good staff team (doctor, scout, …). You build your own football stadium, handle the daily trainings and choose the tactics for each game. These instruments will be the base for your success.

Four times a week you play a league game and once a week there is a cup match. One division consists of 16 teams of which 2 promote at the end of the season. The cup is one big competition for all SoccerProject teams, with 1 single final at the end of each season. One season takes 9 weeks, after which you get a new chance on succes in the next season.

On top of this you get too know other managers, for example by reading the forum, sending private messages or writing in someone’s guestbook. This is one of the most fun parts of SoccerProject apart from the game itself. A lot of football lovers got too know eachother this way and once in a while there are even real-life SoccerProject Meetings.

Next to SoccerProject, there is also a newsletter with all kinds of news and even a website where you can build your own homepage for your club. Instead of rambling on, we suggest you take a look for yourself at Or can watch the intro for a quick preview at You’ll be amazed of by the possibilities, hopefully we’re about to be amazed by your manager skills…

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