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Manager Cicco from team ‘The Naked Chef’ has been around for a long time at SoccerProject. He has been very succesful in the game and worked for the newsletter for a while. This gave me the chance to meet him IRL when Isis invited some Newsletter-guys at her home. Isis cooked one of Cicco’s recipes and he himself made dessert (tiramisu). Long story short, it was a great evening.

Since then he created a website himself : SoccerProject Communitiez. As you can see, he is a lot better at design than I am and without technical knowledge I don’t think you can create such a site 😉 I feel the site is a great idea and I’m surprised not see more managers over there with a website about their SoccerProject team.

Apart from this website, Cicco has done some other things for SoccerProject :

  1. He made sure was linked through to
  2. He made a blogpost at ao. Bligg about SoccerProject
  3. He made manager sljivovica make a German post on about SoccerProject
  4. He co-organised the second Belgian SoccerProject-Meeting (with pictures)
  5. I’m surely forgetting some things, make sure to fill me in if you think of one…

So, I you feel like having a dedicated website for your team. SP Communitiez sure is one of the best options imho. If there’s is anything to tell about your team of course 😛

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2 Comments on “Cicco”

  1. Cicco Says:

    I feel very proud today 🙂

    You are all welcome to SP Communitiez… It’s avalaible in the following languages :

    – English
    – German
    – Spanish
    – Italian
    – Dutch
    – Chinese

    Many thanks Sjarel…

  2. […] is worth mentioning an extra time. Cicco from the SoccerProject Communitiez which I mentioned in a previous post is looking for a banner and the manager that creates the best one gets free […]

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