Romanian manager mosmartin told me something interesting the other night. Apparently he got to know SoccerProject on a much visited Romanian forum. One of the biggest Romanian sports sites has a separate forum section about SoccerProject. You can have a look at but if your Romanian is as good as mine, you’ll understand zilch of course ;-).

I’ve been communicating a lot with Romanian managers lately, apparently they feel undervalued because there are no Romanian sheriffs yet and they are upset because one of the Romanian moderators was banned after cheating. I’ll not go into the details (you can read them here), but it was an interesting discussion. Unfortunately some of them refused to talk in English to me, I’ll assume they don’t know English well enough.

We’re also trying to get some banner exchange up-and-running with a big Romanian games site. Hopefully that works out OK and we’ll be able to attract even more Romanian managers.

Anyway, I got to know some nice Romanians a little better and I’m very proud to see a complete subforum dedicated to SoccerProject.

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3 Comments on “Romania”

  1. dardar3 Says:

    It was my idea to make a Soccerproject forum on Onlinesport. We all love Soccerproject and we also have a championship with Romanian managers: OLS Championship.

  2. sjarel Says:

    As you could read, I think it was a great idea 😉

  3. Jerry20cm Says:

    yes, we are not so many, but we enjoy Soccer Project and will try ti bring more romanian to play this game.

    BTW: Remember the team Jerrycii, in a few years will be the champions of Soccer Project:D

    and good job with this game 😉

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