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Time to try something new… Some of you probably already noticed I added two stadium banners today. After reading ShoeMoney’s post about Best Of The Web last week I was already tempted. But after OscarCookie showed me iWebTool I decided to give them both a try.

Best of the Web

Although I surely won’t be making 2000$ a month from Best Of The Web’s affiliate program, it certainly is worth trying imho 😉


The next one was more interesting. iWebTool is not simply another webdirectory, it also offers a lot of free handy tools for webmasters as well.

For example, I not only found out there are 1269 backlinks to SoccerProject, by browsing the list I also found some interesting sites about SoccerProject I had not seen before.

Also our predicted Google PageRank turns out to be 4.2. I hope we will be able to get this number up in the future, but I guess I’ll have to pull off more stuff like this to achieve that. I’ll keep you posted …

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One Comment on “Web directories”

  1. Cicco Says:

    Pagerank has been updated today…

    SoccerProject : From PR 0 -> PR4
    SP Behind the scenes : From PR0 -> PR5 ( Waaaw this is asesome)

    Have to check those backlinks 🙂

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