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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daniel from the University of Ilmenau, Germany. He told me

We dedicate ourselves at the moment to the research of usage behavior, usage motivation and usage experience in online games. Especially, this are browser-based games, mini-games and flash-games as well as different kinds of client-games.

and asked if we wanted to help him advertise a survey to our users.

Obviously I’m interested in this kind of research and it doesn’t harm to help people a little, so I agreed to participate. You can see his banner on top of this post and below is his invitation text. I hope a lot of our users take some time to help Daniel and we’ll be able to learn something from the results.

Dear Gamer,

in the Department Media Management at the University of Ilmenau / Germany we are dedicated in the scientific research on different types of online games. Especially we focus on browser-based games, client games (different MMORPGs, Second Life, Online Poker), other types of computer games and console games.
To do this we are dependent on your help. Thus we ask you to participate in our survey, which takes only a few minutes of your time.
As compensation for your invested time, we raffle free coupons. In addition – and thats much more interesting than any coupon – we publicate our results for free after finishing all research to everyone who is interested in it.
Needless to say that all information you give is collected anonymously and will only be used for academic purposes. There is no commercial provider involved in our research.

We wish you to have fun participating in our survey.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Daniel Schultheiss

Department Media Management
University of Ilmenau / Germany

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