Synching Google Calendar

Thunderbird Add-ons

I’ve been using Google Calendar for over a year now, for both my professional and personal calendars. Although I’ve seen quite a few different online calendars, this is certainly the one that suits me best.

Unfortunately until last week it was kinda hard to sync it with my Thunderbird E-mail client. Allthough I had both the Lightning and Provider installed, I wasn’t really sure I was going to keep using those. Installation and configuration went fine, but I didn’t like the ease-of-use. That was until they surprised me last week with an update (for both add-ons at approx. the same time) which has made my calendar management a lot easier. The interface has improved a lot and the calendar now seamlessly integrates with Thunderbird’s core functionality, E-mail. I don’t think I’ll have to surf to Google Calendar a lot in the future to manage my Calendar, but I will still be able to access from various places.

GooSync Logo

On top of that I’ve also discovered GooSync, which enables me to easily sync my mobile calendar, assuring me I’m always up-to-date. Some people might not understand why I like that, but I do. I guess that’s why ‘some’ people might think of me as a geek 😉

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2 Comments on “Synching Google Calendar”

  1. Isis Says:

    Some people …. :-s

  2. […] use Google Calendar a lot, as you could read in one of my previous posts. I’m glad I can now sync my mobile very easy, but I want to be able to do the same thing for […]

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