Since about a week it’s possible to pay for SPFA-membership with Wallie. Wallie is an International online payment system which works with prepaid cards which can simply be purchased in the shop nextdoor.

At the moment they’re most spread in Belgium and the Netherlands, but they are planning on expanding to other countries as well. For instance in the United Kingdom it’s already available as well.

The biggest advantage of this system is it’s simplicity. Anyone, even a 12-year-old can walk into a shop, buy a Wallie-card for €5, take it home and fill in the unique Wallie-card number on SoccerProject. Simple as that…

There is a downside too of course. There is more overhead cost related to a Wallie transaction compared to other transactions but Wallie is trying very hard to keep that as low as possible for the moment.

We’ve been trying very hard over the last few years to simplify payment and it looks like we have found a very easy-to-use solution now. I hope this will enable a lot of potential SPFA-members to pay without using a credit card or bank transfer.

Wallie SoccerProject Banner

Another nice advantage of our cooperation with Wallie is the fact they are showing our banner on their homepage. Because of this I had to ask our designer for a new banner and he decided to create a special one for this occasion, which looks very nice imho 🙂

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2 Comments on “Wallie”

  1. Winner123 Says:

    I used Wallie the other day.
    It was dead simple to use, secure and gave me instant credit! Great Stuff!

    They have loads of other games to play on with your remaining credit too…check out their site. They have a cool dancing and singing Wallie-man on there too-lol!

  2. colien Says:

    Hello. Please send me logo SP (this player with ball) in bigest resolution.

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