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December 30, 2007

Manager Leonardo sent me a message today, explaining he can no longer be a Polish forum moderator due to some personal problems. Of course I understand and I can only be very thankful he even made a suggestion for a new moderator.

I’d like to thank Leonardo for all the work he did during the past years and I wish him all the best in his personal life.

Meanwhile manager pearljammer has already accepted to be the new Polish forum moderator to help the other moderator Gladiator. Good luck Pearljammer !


Facebook review

December 30, 2007

After having spent a few hours subscribing and configuring my profile on Facebook, a few things are worth mentioning.

First of all I was astonished by the speed of the site. As I have quite some experience in this with SoccerProject, it really amazed me the site was quite slow. Maybe we’re not doing that bad at all with SoccerProject. To be honest is even worse.

Secondly I noticed some nice features which we actually could use in SoccerProject as well. There’s an easy-to-use invite-your-friend application which allows you to search your existing address books for friends with a Facebook-account. Very handy and I was surprised to find 100 contacts with a Facebook-account. You’ll agree with me, that means the site is quite popular 😉 I can only assume it means thousands of SoccerProject-managers must have a Facebook-account already.

Also nice was the possibility to import external rss-feeds. I imported the rss-feed from this blog which means every message I post here, will be published on my profile on facebook as well. I guess Cicco would like it if we would implement such a feature…

Last but not least, very simple, but very effective I guess. On a lot of pages they display a simple link to invite friends to Facebook. Why didn’t I think of that instead of writing regular game-messages about it ?!


December 28, 2007


I’ve had been postponing it for a few months, but with my non-geek friends talking about it too, I could no longer wait of course ;-). So tonight I created myself a Sjarel-Facebook-account.

Although I’ve never really understood why people would be interested in this, it certainly looks like Facebook is going to be around for a few more years. After they conquered the USA, more and more people from all over the world seem to be joining, also in Europe.

I’ve had a LinkedIn account for a while now, which I use for my professional career, but I decided to create a Facebook-account for my hobby as well. Quite keen to know how it would/will turn out …

I was pleased to find out there already existed a SoccerProject-group on Facebook. Obviously I joined immediately and I hope the group will continue to grow in the future. Later I uploaded our SoccerProject-video, and invited people I know through SoccerProject to be my friend. All set, now I only have to wait until people get in touch I guess.

I’ll try to post a Facebook review later, since I did notice some interesting stuff as well. Meanwhile you’re all welcome to add me as a friend and join the SoccerProject group, I think that’s what it’s all about : bringing together people with shared interests…

Hungarian translation

December 27, 2007


Manager Snowflake kindly offered to continue the Hungarian translation. We’ve had some Hungarian translators in the past, but none of them was able to finish the job. At the moment about 2300 items are left to translate. Good luck Snowflake !

All-time Div A stats

December 17, 2007

Upon request…

Manager cheathunter asked me to publish a new ranking of managers and the number of seasons they played in div A. I remembered I once made a press announcement about this, it turned out to be on August, 2.

Time to make a new list, here it is (not counting season 21):

kenny 16
Sjarel 15
jimman23 13
krcgenk 9
Badbuffalo 6
cicco 6
cheathunter 6
dockseven 6
vlalex 6
OscarCookie 6

Of course managers who left the game are not mentioned, eg. koenb who played in div A for 9 seasons…


December 13, 2007


After a few discussions on the forum, of which this one was the most recent, I decided to implement the ‘Instant-Buy-Price-feature’. Of course it will be tested by our Beta-panel before releasing it, and I’m interested to know their reactions.

Comparing all suggestions made to prevent managers to make false promises of selling a player for a certain price, I think this will be the best solution :

– Extending the 2-day period you cannot sell a player in, to 3 days.
– After 3 days, the seller will have an option to set a ‘Instant-Buy-Price’ which has to be at least 20% higher than the current highest bid. The ‘Instant-Buy-Price’ cannot be changed nor deleted afterwards.
– All current bidders will be notified of this ‘Instant-Buy-Price’.
– If any manager bids this ‘Instant-Buy-Price’, the player will be sold immediately.

It’s an option nobody has to use, but when negotiating a direct transfer, it can come in handy. I don’t see any downsides at this time, but maybe you guys can think of some. Don’t hesitate to mention them before I start implementing …

Coincidentally e-Bay had some issues with this kind of feature as well today. Apparently they were sued over this, let’s hope that won’t happen to us … 😉

Trader stats

December 12, 2007

After reading a forum topic I ran a little query on our database. I wanted too know how many transfers are performed on a season by the top traders on SoccerProject.

Trader stats

In the image you can see the top-10, with login-buys-sales-total. 123 is of course a very big number, so maybe the topicstarter has a point we should limit that. As always it is hard to find a good maximum to set, but it turns out only 100 managers have done more than 40 transfers during season 20, so it looks like 20 incoming and 20 outgoing transfers each season should suffice…