Wishlist Nokia E65

Nokia e65

I recently bought myself a new mobile after having lost my previous one. That one was a Nokia 3330, great phone for calling and SMS, impossible to break, one of the kind they don’t make anymore.

Anyway, I decided to go for something better this time. The one thing I especially wanted was Wifi, that way I would be able to check mail or go on the Internet whenever I was in the range of a wireless network. Might come in handy sometimes for SoccerProject, I thought.

A few weeks later now, and I’m quite satisfied at the moment, but … I’m missing a few things

  1. I use Google Calendar a lot, as you could read in one of my previous posts. I’m glad I can now sync my mobile very easy, but I want to be able to do the same thing for my E-mail, RSS, etc. One button – sync all.
  2. I would like a good SSH-client, preferrably password protected. I wasn’t able to install s2putty, maybe I missed something…
  3. I still didn’t find a good RSS reader / aggregator. I want to be able to download all my favourite feeds when I’m online, just to make sure I can read them whenever I have some time for it, even when I’m offline at that time.

Any hints are welcome of course …

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2 Comments on “Wishlist Nokia E65”

  1. Michel Says:

    You seem to be able to sycnh your E65 to Google calendar. How do you do that? I can read my calendar by browsing, but synching doesn’t seem to bee an option out of the box.

  2. sjarel Says:

    I suggest you read my previous post to which I refer in this article.

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