20 seasons Division A

With the season finally over, I took some time to find all of the SoccerProject division-A winners through the years. It’s a nice list, which brings back some nice memories ..

20. The Skunks
19. The Skunks
18. Maccbi Natanya
17. Maccbi Natanya
16. AS Vlalex
15. kfc de pomp
14. Nop’s Heroes
13. FC Bruggenhof
12. Teefjes Vrolijke 11
11. Mado
10. Teefjes Vrolijke 11
9. The Naked Chef
8. fb2004
7. maluyaca
6. fb2004
5. fb2004
4. ReesingGenk
3. Racing Brugge
2. Heidebloem
1. Ketoak

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2 Comments on “20 seasons Division A”

  1. *unknown* Says:

    I think there is a curse, nobody won 3 titles in a row, maybe the skunks can do it? Or will the curse strike again? 😛

  2. sljivovica Says:

    I think The Skunks will be one of the favourites again, but with some real tough competition. I think it’s gonna be a good year 🙂

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