Trader stats

After reading a forum topic I ran a little query on our database. I wanted too know how many transfers are performed on a season by the top traders on SoccerProject.

Trader stats

In the image you can see the top-10, with login-buys-sales-total. 123 is of course a very big number, so maybe the topicstarter has a point we should limit that. As always it is hard to find a good maximum to set, but it turns out only 100 managers have done more than 40 transfers during season 20, so it looks like 20 incoming and 20 outgoing transfers each season should suffice…

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3 Comments on “Trader stats”

  1. warchilde Says:

    damn…don’t do it….you’ll ruin my strategy 😛

    and by the way…don’t close this top 10 not done yet and the season is not yet over :))))

  2. Cicco Says:

    Would be a good and realistic implementation to reduce the limitation. I would prefer a total number of in- and outgoing transfer. For example : Allowed to do 20 transfer a season, in global.

  3. LAszlo Says:


    i think, it is not a good idea to limit this. I guess it will just make harder to “experienced” newcommers to get quickly to A division


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