After a few discussions on the forum, of which this one was the most recent, I decided to implement the ‘Instant-Buy-Price-feature’. Of course it will be tested by our Beta-panel before releasing it, and I’m interested to know their reactions.

Comparing all suggestions made to prevent managers to make false promises of selling a player for a certain price, I think this will be the best solution :

– Extending the 2-day period you cannot sell a player in, to 3 days.
– After 3 days, the seller will have an option to set a ‘Instant-Buy-Price’ which has to be at least 20% higher than the current highest bid. The ‘Instant-Buy-Price’ cannot be changed nor deleted afterwards.
– All current bidders will be notified of this ‘Instant-Buy-Price’.
– If any manager bids this ‘Instant-Buy-Price’, the player will be sold immediately.

It’s an option nobody has to use, but when negotiating a direct transfer, it can come in handy. I don’t see any downsides at this time, but maybe you guys can think of some. Don’t hesitate to mention them before I start implementing …

Coincidentally e-Bay had some issues with this kind of feature as well today. Apparently they were sued over this, let’s hope that won’t happen to us … 😉

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25 Comments on “Instant-Buy-Price”

  1. visje69 Says:

    If this is introduced –> SUPER

    that way you can finally bid without being screwed over…

  2. Brunaz Says:

    I agree totally with this.

  3. keyelpk Says:

    i hope it will be for good

  4. Pekarji Says:

    Why not?
    Improvement, I think.
    But this way prefers managers, they´re logged in constantly 🙂

  5. Ksv Roslar Says:

    Excellent, you guy’s are great

  6. PatjeB Says:

    Hey SUPER
    I agree totally with this.
    Good job 🙂 TY

  7. janximan Says:

    I think a lot of managers have this problem of ‘when you bid so much, he’s yours’, while they just want to improve the bidding.

    Superb initiative!


  8. I think it is a great idea!!
    Why not activate it immediately?


  9. mastrc Says:

    I think,it´s not so great…. It absolutelly changed the way of making of transfers, It benefits only the managers who is logged the whole day and the best manager is not the manager,who is logged whole day, but who can make the best transfers and make a lot money… I think, that better improvemet would be cutting the 2-days period to 1 day and the next 4-days period (I think) to 2 days… It will accerelate the transfering and would be more justificied for all managers

  10. ebuzola Says:

    It’s a great idea

    But :

    This will than be the ‘law of the fastest’ right? Who ever comes first gets it?

    Its like in earlier times, to bid as last player just before the great simulation 🙂

    But here its to be the fastest than, if you have the money :p

    But I think its great, more people will stay on much longer 🙂

  11. Jeffrey Says:

    I think this is not really a good idea. It is great for us players but wouldn’t that makes soccerproject goes laggy with players constantly online to check for someone that sets the Buy it now! for a low price? It of course is great for us that we don’t have to wait long for us to actually get the players we want but can the soccerproject bandwidth supports that possibility?

  12. Ten Says:

    It’s the good ideea—but— instant price he encourage for trickster to cheat,he makes exchange to player…ex: ……a team by Liga B2 change player to a team who is friend,by Liga G222,for a 100k $,a player witch he cost 2mil$,but he pay instant in2minutes.In auction more team he say the player…..i hop’s to understand the idee…Good Day

  13. jassie Says:

    awesome !

    luv this new idea,finally u cant be scammed anymore 🙂

  14. MarioC Says:

    I totally agree. have met some issues of my own.

    I can’t wait for the next season.



  15. remedy73 Says:

    Good idea!

    I only have one suggestion to change in the story above:
    quote: “The ‘Instant-Buy-Price’ cannot be changerd nor deleted afterwards.”

    I suggest it is allowed to lower the Instant-Buy-Price if nessecary. No one should have a problem with that I think and it could be a good tool for the seller.

    grtzz, remedy73

  16. Shavin Says:

    I agree with your idea of the instant buy price. But I don’t see why you would extend the 2-day period when you can’t sell a player into 3 days. Why do you do this?

  17. Buffalo_rulez Says:

    – If any manager bids this ‘Instant-Buy-Price’, the player will be sold immediately.

    I dont know about this.


    3 managers are offering on the same player. Suppose the 3 days are over, and the manager that is selling the player puts an instant buy price. If 1 manager offers that price, the players is sold. BUT who says the other 2 managers are not willing to offer more, I mean, They should have a chanse to overbid if they have a lower bid…

    Maybe some kind of notice, like if the others dont make an offer within 5 hours, the player gets sold automaticly…

  18. agu Says:

    Good idea

  19. Capa Says:

    Better resolution of problem with immediately transfer:

    Can insert instant price for every managers (who first put price, get player)
    can insert instant price and SELECT the manager(s), who can buy player for this price.

    If I negotiate with seller and we make deal, he insert price and select me. When I come to SP and put this price, the player is my.
    With actually solution i must come FIRST then other managers – who haven’t negotiate, who haven’t deal… 😦

  20. piterpan Says:

    it is an excellent ideea but i think that need some improvements

    i think that it is better if when a manager put a player on the transefr list to decide from the begining also a price for an instant buy

    during the period that he can’t sell the player (3 days as you intend to change)every manager who like that player for an instant buy can bid that price for him but the difference between them ( if are 2 ore more managers that bid for the same instant buy price)will be what they offer to the player( who is giving high salary or anything else in contract ) and the manager who give the best contract for the player will have the player after these 3- days period instantly ( this is apparently the same as the player is selling for free but in these case with a fixed price in plus for the team.And in these way you can control if anyone is cheating and also a lot of managers have time to see and to participate in biding)

    if no one has bid that instant bye price in this 3-day period the player will continue on transfer list usually as is now for some other days and who gives more money will have the player

  21. kubiak Says:

    😀 😀 😀 Money soccerproject please ???

  22. AdamFitz Says:

    I’m loving this so far, brought in 3 players with the use of it

  23. […] database and it turns out that almost 60% of all transfers this last week were finalized with an IBP. For me that’s astonishing, I never thought this new feature would have such an impact. Even […]

  24. […] so I’m mentioning it here. As from now it will be impossible to bid much higher than the Instant-Buy-Price of a player on the transferlist. No reasonable manager would want to do that and this way I hope to […]

  25. […] As from now, you no longer have to raise the current bid on a player by 5%, if you match the Instant-Buy-Price. This seems logical and in fact it should have been like this from the start I think. But, never […]

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