I’ve had been postponing it for a few months, but with my non-geek friends talking about it too, I could no longer wait of course ;-). So tonight I created myself a Sjarel-Facebook-account.

Although I’ve never really understood why people would be interested in this, it certainly looks like Facebook is going to be around for a few more years. After they conquered the USA, more and more people from all over the world seem to be joining, also in Europe.

I’ve had a LinkedIn account for a while now, which I use for my professional career, but I decided to create a Facebook-account for my hobby as well. Quite keen to know how it would/will turn out …

I was pleased to find out there already existed a SoccerProject-group on Facebook. Obviously I joined immediately and I hope the group will continue to grow in the future. Later I uploaded our SoccerProject-video, and invited people I know through SoccerProject to be my friend. All set, now I only have to wait until people get in touch I guess.

I’ll try to post a Facebook review later, since I did notice some interesting stuff as well. Meanwhile you’re all welcome to add me as a friend and join the SoccerProject group, I think that’s what it’s all about : bringing together people with shared interests…

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One Comment on “SoccerProject@Facebook”

  1. Geronimo Says:

    Facebook rules ! Nice features which a student communication surely interests ^^ Already joined the Soccerproject group.

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