Facebook review

After having spent a few hours subscribing and configuring my profile on Facebook, a few things are worth mentioning.

First of all I was astonished by the speed of the site. As I have quite some experience in this with SoccerProject, it really amazed me the site was quite slow. Maybe we’re not doing that bad at all with SoccerProject. To be honest WordPress.com is even worse.

Secondly I noticed some nice features which we actually could use in SoccerProject as well. There’s an easy-to-use invite-your-friend application which allows you to search your existing address books for friends with a Facebook-account. Very handy and I was surprised to find 100 contacts with a Facebook-account. You’ll agree with me, that means the site is quite popular 😉 I can only assume it means thousands of SoccerProject-managers must have a Facebook-account already.

Also nice was the possibility to import external rss-feeds. I imported the rss-feed from this blog which means every message I post here, will be published on my profile on facebook as well. I guess Cicco would like it if we would implement such a feature…

Last but not least, very simple, but very effective I guess. On a lot of pages they display a simple link to invite friends to Facebook. Why didn’t I think of that instead of writing regular game-messages about it ?!

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One Comment on “Facebook review”

  1. Cicco Says:

    Your guess is correct 🙂 Importing an RSS feed would be great in SP and for SP Communitiez it would be very nice…

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