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SoccerProject Suspense

January 31, 2008

With the A-division being as boring as it is, I was glad a friend of mine pointed me towards div H.374.


No offence to Asiskunk, he achieved something amazing, certainly one of the biggest achievements ever in SoccerProject. But with 5 possible champions and 4 games to play, I feel div H.374 must be one of the most exciting divisions in SoccerProject at the moment. Maybe there are more divisions like this one, but I’m really not considering to visit them all 😉



January 29, 2008

Last week some users reported a Trojan on the SoccerProject website. Some investigations led us to a banner from 4cetera and proximogroup, which we removed immediately.

Today I found an interesting article on the net. I hope my post will reach at least a few other webmasters and it will prevent them from having the same negative experience as we had.

HoriaciLes’ Tools

January 25, 2008

Although I haven’t tried them myself intensively, I must say these tools look very promising. Manager HoriaciLes made 3 online calculators which can come in very handy for a lot of managers I presume :

As an example I calculated my own team’s maximum strength and compared it with the results from SPMT. In the image you can compare the results yourself :


9 out of 11 players are alike, only on LM and RM different players were chosen. I can only guess that the RM position is different because my best RM is injured at the moment, but why my best LM wasn’t chosen is a mystery to me. Maybe it’s because I have too many LM’s in my squad at the moment ?!

Anyway, it’s a great tool and I’m sure a lot of managers will find it very useful.


January 24, 2008

Manager Sljivovica had an idea. He created a website, on which you can take a quiz to find out which online football manager game you like best. You simply answer some questions and as a result you get a Top-3 of online football manager games you probably like best.

I took the test, and luckily for me SoccerProject came out on top, quite a relief 😉

SoccerProject Dashboard@Facebook

January 21, 2008

Last weekend I decided to see what all the fuzz was about… I was interested to know how easy it is to write your own Facebook application, so that’s what I did. Obviously I couldn’t code all weekend because of some baby crying once and a while, but Sunday night the “SoccerProject Dashboard” was finished.

SoccerProject Dashboard.

My intention was to create a Facebook application which could be added to a users’ profile, in which his last SoccerProject result would show along with his current division and ranking. In the image you can see this works. I also added the number of unread messages you have on SoccerProject, but that’s only visible to the user itself. I must say I’m quite pleased with the result, although I’m aware that a designer could be useful for this 😉

I don’t have a clue how much SoccerProject-managers fave a Facebook account and I’m sure this will never be the most popular app on Facebook, but I hope it will be useful for some managers. At least it was useful to myself, I got to know Web 2.0 just a little better over the weekend ….


January 19, 2008


Another big challenge… Manager Saman asked me if he could translate SoccerProject into Persian. Obviously that would be great for us, but it will be a huge amount of work. Not only is there a lot of text to be translated, but also Persian is written from right-to-left instead of from left-to-right like all other SoccerProject languages.

Nevertheless I wish him good luck and I hope this will work out for the best …


January 18, 2008


One of the languages which SoccerProject hasn’t been translated into yet, is Danish. I’m aware most Danes do know English very well, but still this is a gap I’ve always wanted to fill.

So I decided to write some of the top Danish managers and it seems like I’ve had some result. Manager KKruse agreed to finish the last part of the translation. Actually most of it has been done already in the past by others managers, but like always the last part is the hardest. I wish him good luck and I’m already looking forward to the end of his work.

Apart from this, manager SBroccoli wants to help SoccerProject by advertising on some Danish football or game related forums. Today we already saw the first results with new Danish managers subscribing…

I hope this will be the start of some more Danish activity, but only time will tell. Fingers crossed …