New flags

some flags

As you probably know, SoccerProject uses flag icons to display all the countries of the world. Most of them are pretty nice, even if I say so myself 😉 Some of them however did not match up to that standard, unfortunately I simply didn’t have the time nor the courage to start correcting them.

Today manager Ivan Pavlovich was kind enough to send me the improved version of those countries’ flags. I’m very thankful for that, I’m sure him and I were not the only ones who were hoping for this for quite some time now. Thanks !

I’ve also started the year myself with a small improvement for SoccerProject however. It’s now possible to pay for SPFA-membership for another manager. Until now that was quite difficult, but I’ve added a link at the bottom of our SPFA-member page which simplifies this procedure a lot. It’s now as simple as paying for SPFA-membership for yourself.

I think/hope it will especially help Czech SocceProject-Hero Foxir a lot. He’s managing a lot of payments for his countrymen who are not able to pay through bank transfer, Moneybookers or any other paying method.

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