Sjarel The Great

Actually he’s quite small, 46 cm and 2.46 kilos. Saturday evening my wife gave birth to a healthy youngster of which we’re both very proud. The baby and the mother are allright, the father hopes you will all forgive him some SoccerProject-inactivity for a while.

A few seasons ago the Newsletter already had an idea about what kind of baby it would be, I think it suits the occasion very well 😉

Sjareltje (Eng)

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13 Comments on “Sjarel The Great”

  1. Raffin Says:

    Congratulations Sjarel!


  2. Isis Says:

    Now I have to divide my love over Sjarel and his son 😛

  3. sex_pistols Says:

    een dikke proficiat sjarel!
    dat heb je is goed gesjareld :p

    grtz sex_pistols

  4. sljivovica Says:

    Congratulations Sjarel!

  5. Saman13 Says:

    hi sjarel
    Congratulations to you , have nice life with your son and your family
    hey sjarel , u must make a new team for yor son as soon as possible 😉


  6. el stino Says:

    congratz Sjarel! 😉

  7. Fikkiezero Says:

    Sjarel, congratiulations! When will he win the A-division?

  8. Joeyve Says:


  9. Cicco Says:

    Nice shot Sjarel… 😀

    I wish you both lots of luck and hapiness with your son. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!


  10. snowflake Says:

    Congratulations Sjarel !

    Good going….


  11. Noppp Says:

    Nice done!! Congratulations with the birth of your son!
    Hope he will be also a great manager in the future 🙂

    Grtz Noppp

  12. LAszlo Says:

    Well done! i am already in 6th month with our 2nd chuld.

    be hapy, as we are


  13. sedatyagli Says:

    congratulations Sjarel, I wish you both hapiness forever. I have a son. he is now 20 months old. so be ready for sleepness nights.

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