Personalized SoccerProject theme

Ivan Pavlovich' Theme

Ever since we introduced the new layout on SoccerProject, managers have been asking about the possibility to create extra themes. Although I was confident it was possible, up until now nobody really managed to achieve this.

But this week manager Ivan Pavlovich created the first personal SoccerProject theme using the FireFox Add-on Stylish. I’m really glad he did this and I hope this will encourage other managers to creates themes themselves …

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6 Comments on “Personalized SoccerProject theme”

  1. Cicco Says:

    Very nice… Curious about the result. Tonight i will install this theme.

  2. Picture for illustration purposes only. May not match actual style.

  3. Cicco Says:

    The ‘Load into stylish’ button isn’t visible here… Can’t find the reason. Anyone a solution?

  4. snowflake Says:

    This sound`s like a challenge 🙂 , creating themes for SP ….. when I will have time I will do one to 😀

    I can`t see the ‘Load into stylish’ neather , this is the command of installing it:

    (but first we need the code)

  5. keyelpk Says:

    how about one day doing a contest? and the winnig template can get implemented?

  6. sjarel Says:

    In fact I think it’s a users’ thing. If one user creates a complete theme, he can share it with the community.

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