Another big challenge… Manager Saman asked me if he could translate SoccerProject into Persian. Obviously that would be great for us, but it will be a huge amount of work. Not only is there a lot of text to be translated, but also Persian is written from right-to-left instead of from left-to-right like all other SoccerProject languages.

Nevertheless I wish him good luck and I hope this will work out for the best …

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2 Comments on “Persian”

  1. Raffin Says:

    Good luck Saman!

  2. Saman13 Says:

    yeah, sjarel is right the work is verry hard , beacouse find the best world for translation really is not easy , another problem is written from right to left,
    change the sentences is verry hard with this raw !
    but i really hope to finish it on the end of first week in season 22
    thanQ raffin
    and speacial thanks to Big Sjarel for all of his works


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