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New Polish moderator

February 28, 2008

Today I’ve replaced Polish moderator Gladiator by manager bezimienny (aka WojT). Gladiator asked for a replacement because of a lack of time and manager bezimienny soon agreed to replace him.

I’d like to thank Gladiator for all his hard work for the Polish communityand I wish bezimienny all the best on the Polish forum !

Meanwhile I’m looking for a replacement Slovak translator because the current one (gustav) is inactive; If you happen to know a candidate, please contact me.

Last but not least, I’ve also changed the layout of the SoccerProject-mails. Before they were plain text, now there’s a little HTML in them. I hope it will make our first impression on subscribing managers a little better. After all we see a lot of managers subscribing without ever actually logging in.



February 23, 2008

Two weeks since my last post, shame on me…

One week since the new season started and even more important, one week of possible Instant-Buy transfers on SoccerProject. Few minutes ago I quickly checked the database and it turns out that almost 60% of all transfers this last week were finalized with an IBP. For me that’s astonishing, I never thought this new feature would have such an impact. Even more amazing is the fact that nobody has been complaining on the forum, so I guess this means everyone is glad with this, or at least not upset by it.

I should clearly try to get some more numbers and investigate a little more, but for now it seems like a small feature has dramatically changed the SoccerProject transfer market….

Bosnian language

February 9, 2008

I’ve just finished releasing the Serbian language at SoccerProject, turns out this has opened the door to yet another translation : Bosnian. Allthough I’m not familiar with any of both languages I have been told they are very alike and now manager alD is going to create the Bosnian version of SoccerProject, based on the Serbian one. Let’s hope this turns out ok…

How to climb up the buddy ranking…

February 8, 2008

As you all prolly know, it’s possible to get free SPFA-membership on SoccerProject by inviting your friends or others to SoccerProject as well. Because SoccerProject is the best online football manager game on the web, it shouldn’ be too hard too convince someone to join 😉

Buddy ranking

By clicking on the thumbnail you can find some really impressive numbers from our top referrars. You’ll have to agree with me that getting over 5000 people to join is astonishing. At first sight this seems like an awful lot of work, and I’m sure manager Vavris and others are putting a lot of work in it, but I’ve found it can sometimes be a lot simpler than it looks.

Take for instance manager Daan. All he did was posting his referral link on 1 single forum. This one link got him to the third place on our ranking, not bad I think.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, here’s a hint. Fill in “gratis online voetbal manager game” at, it simply means “free online football manager game”, and you’ll find SoccerProject as the third link being returned by Google. But if you look cosely you’ll notice it’s not the SoccerProject URL itself, but it’s Daan’s referral link !

And it gets even better. Try “online voetbal manager games” (=”free online football manager games”) at Second result : Daan’s referral link !

It’s amazing. Probably there are even more combinations which return Daan’s link. I have no idea how Google rates certain forums, but I guess they feel that is one of the most important Dutch gaming websites on the net 😉

I can only suggest you go find that one forum in your country…

Serbian language

February 4, 2008

Serbian etymological book

A few weeks ago manager Vladaj started on finishing the Serbian SoccerProject translation. I was very pleased to see he finished it tonight. But instead of releasing this new SoccerProject version immediately, he asked me if he could review the complete translation one more time, which I obviously encouraged.

It might take some more time this way, but now I’m sure the quality will be better….

Latvian translation

February 3, 2008


One of the translations which hadn’t been touched so far has finally found a translator. Manager fbi1188 was kind enough to respond to my question and he started translating almost a week ago. Obviously I wish him good luck for this and I’m looking forward to a Latvian SoccerProject version.