Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese

About three weeks ago I was contacted by manager tnds. Not only did he explain to me the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, he also offered to translate SoccerProject into Simplified Chinese. Obviously a Chinese version of SoccerProject has always been a dream of mine since there are a lot of Chinese football-lover who can’t play SoccerProject at the moment because they don’t know English (wel enough).

Now, only three weeks later he already finished the job. I know I’ve said it before, but it really is true. The translation is gigantic, I estimate it takes at least 100 hours to translate all texts, so this is quite a performance !

A big “Thank you” to manager tnds and I really hope we can interest some Chinese managers toplay SoccerProject now …

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One Comment on “Simplified Chinese”

  1. Isis Says:

    SoccerProject looks great in Chinese. But I can barely find my way through it. Maybe I should stick to English after all 😉

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