SoccerProject Dashboard

I’ve just given the beta-testers some extra work… I’ve been planning on doing this for a long time, but now I finally completed it : A SoccerProject Widget. I assume you can argue about the name, but for me it’s a short code snippet which anyone can add to his own HTML-page which results in the standings of a certain SoccerProject division. Obviously 1 image explains more than 72 words :

SoccerProject Dashboard Preview

I hope some users will find it useful, and maybe we’ll even attract some more mangers. After everything has been beta-tested of course…

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3 Comments on “SoccerProject Dashboard”

  1. Sliv Says:

    Is this going to be just for facebook, or also other sites like myspace, hyves, etcetera??

  2. sjarel Says:

    There was a Facebook-widget already, this one is for general use. This code can be used on any website. About MySpace etc. I’m not sure. Maybe if there’s a strong SP-community on one of thowe websites, I’ll add a specific widget for them as well.

  3. […] I was not sure when I was implementing it, I just came accross a very nice example of how the SoccerProject Dashboard can be […]

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