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Welcome Visje69

May 25, 2008

Goodbye Yockr … This weekend I received a message from manager Yockr to tell me he was quitting SoccerProject. It’s always sad to see a manager leave, but obviously I understand there are more things to life than SoccerProject.

Since he was on of our Dutch moderators at the forum, I needed to find a replacement. Luckily manager Visje69 immediately accepted to replace him. I know him from the Belgian SoccerProject meeting 2007 and I hope he’ll do a great job in keeping the forum a nice place to ‘hang out’…

I’d like to thank these 2 managers for their efforts and wish both of them good luck in their ‘new life’ 😉


CSS Janus

May 16, 2008

For the past few days (and probably for some more time to come), I’ve been working on the Persian translation. Actually that’s not true, because it’s manager Jose Morinho who did all the hard work of translating every text on SoccerProject into Persian.

But, now it’s my turn. Persian is the first right-to-left language which has been finished by the translator, so I should make it available on SoccerProject as soon as possible. This has turned out not to be simple…

I did find a tool by Google, which seemed perfect for the job : CSS Janus. If you’re ever facing the same problem (how to make your site right-to-left ready), I think this is the tool you should try out. Unfortunately, it was not sufficient for my needs.

That means that I’m rewriting css myself at the moment. Kind of hard, because I need to look at SoccerProject in Persian, of which I don’t understand a word 🙂 Luckily ‘Jose Morinho’ helps me and shows me which things to fix….

New Portuguese Moderator

May 12, 2008


Last week I had to replace the Portuguese translator, this week it’s the moderator position which gets a new ‘inhabitant’. As from now manager o_vencedor will replace manager Ivan Pavlovich as the Portuguese forum moderator. I hope he’ll do a good job and maybe he can make his forum a little more active.

TextLinkAds review

May 8, 2008

Text link ads

While I’m at it, I might as well review another advertising site: Text Link Ads. Actually I can be very short on this, it was no succes at all. Not only did we never get any reaction for our advertising space (this time the price was set by Text Link Ads themselves), but I was also dissapointed in their feedback. I’ve never got the impression they really wanted to help us. So you’ll never see one of their ads on SoccerProject

AdToll Review

May 6, 2008

For about 6 weeks I’ve been trying Adtoll now and I wanted to share some experiences. Not an in-depth analysis, just a few simple thoughts on how it felt being an AdToll-publisher and advertiser.

First up, my publishing experience. On AdToll there are two possibilities, Run-Of-Networks Ads and ads bought by advertisers. The RON-Ads are being used whenever the ad space you make available for AdToll is not being bought by advertisers. In general we’ve had very few reactions by advertisers, maybe they found the price we set was too high, but I don’t really feel that’s correct. This resulted in a lot of RON-ads being shown. That wouldn’t be too bad, if only they’d gave us enough statistics about that. Ron-ads are being paid per click, but not only did they not show the number of impressions we got from this, their number of clicks also differed significantly from our own OpenX-numbers. I did ask about the difference, but their answer didn’t really explain why their count was 90% lower than ours. That said, I must admit they never let an E-mail unanswered, which is something I enjoy a lot, definitely a plus !

On the advertising site, I was very pleased with the ease-of-use. Simply pick a campaign of your choice, pay by PayPal and the campaign is started. It gave me the chance to experiment a little and as I could have guessed, choosing the right site to advertise on is by far the most important thing to do. For example, over 1200 clicks from RON ads resulted in less subscriptions on SoccerProject than about 200 clicks on another MMOG, which even costed us three times less. That brings me to another downside. When I wanted to rebook the ad on the MMOG, they refused it, which is exactly why I’m not mentioning them here. Obviously they can do that, but as an advertiser you’re glad when you find an advertising spot worth advertsing on, so it’s a dissapointment if it’s gets rejected after a few hours.

As a conclusion I think I can say it’s a nice system, it just turned out not good enough for us. Especially the eCPM on the RON ads for publishers is not good enogh for us to keep using Adtoll as an extra Ad serving site. However, as I said, I was very pleased with some advertising campaigns I bought, so if you’re looking to advertise in a niche market, you might find some good deals here.

New Portuguese translator

May 5, 2008


Portguese translator Nistelrooy_10 decided to quit his function, but luckily we found a new one soon. From now on manager chance will handle the new translations. We’d like to thank Nistelrooy_10 for the contribution he made to SoccerProject and wish manager chance good luck in his new “job”.

SMS payment

May 5, 2008


After years of thinking about it, I finally came to an SMS-solution for SoccerProject. It has been online for 24 hours now and it turns out quite a success. Obviously one of the main reasons for this is that it’s a very user-friendly solution. A manager only needs to send 1 SMS and he recieves a code on his cell phone. Filling in this code on SoccerProject results in immediate SPFA-membership.

On the other other hand, SMS-payment is a lot more expensive. But apparently some managers are willing to pay for SPFA-membership, but PayPal, Moneybookers, Wallie or a bank transfer are too difficult for them.

Anyway, it’s obvious I’ll try to make this available in as much countries as possible. Even if this means we have to offer payments for a period of only one week, because of the restrictions in payment amount in some countries. Romania here we come …