CSS Janus

For the past few days (and probably for some more time to come), I’ve been working on the Persian translation. Actually that’s not true, because it’s manager Jose Morinho who did all the hard work of translating every text on SoccerProject into Persian.

But, now it’s my turn. Persian is the first right-to-left language which has been finished by the translator, so I should make it available on SoccerProject as soon as possible. This has turned out not to be simple…

I did find a tool by Google, which seemed perfect for the job : CSS Janus. If you’re ever facing the same problem (how to make your site right-to-left ready), I think this is the tool you should try out. Unfortunately, it was not sufficient for my needs.

That means that I’m rewriting css myself at the moment. Kind of hard, because I need to look at SoccerProject in Persian, of which I don’t understand a word 🙂 Luckily ‘Jose Morinho’ helps me and shows me which things to fix….

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2 Comments on “CSS Janus”

  1. Saman13 Says:

    hi sjarel 😉
    yes , you are right :d ,
    i know you will be finish it tomorrow or to days later ( from 24 may ) 😉
    and thanQ for all of your works ,
    we are ready to see persian language in SP 😀

  2. Sliv Says:

    Congratulations to Saman and Sjarel 🙂

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