Welcome Visje69

Goodbye Yockr … This weekend I received a message from manager Yockr to tell me he was quitting SoccerProject. It’s always sad to see a manager leave, but obviously I understand there are more things to life than SoccerProject.

Since he was on of our Dutch moderators at the forum, I needed to find a replacement. Luckily manager Visje69 immediately accepted to replace him. I know him from the Belgian SoccerProject meeting 2007 and I hope he’ll do a great job in keeping the forum a nice place to ‘hang out’…

I’d like to thank these 2 managers for their efforts and wish both of them good luck in their ‘new life’ 😉

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2 Comments on “Welcome Visje69”

  1. Saman13 Says:

    yesvery sadly ,
    i’m here to give a special thanks to yockr for all of his works in SP
    he was a great friend
    wish the best for yockr

  2. Raffin Says:

    that picture! haha

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