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23rd of June, 2004 : is opened for the rest of the world

June 19, 2008

Bob did it

I nearly forgot about it, but Isis just told me. Actually she only reminded me about the fact I only told her about this one day later, like she does every year 😉

Anyway, it’s hard to believe it’s already 4 years since we started with only a few dozens of managers. Looking back at the past year, I’d wish we had been able to make more progress, but unfortunetaly that hasn’t been the case. Luckily ReesinG has indicated he will have more time to spend in the second half of 2008. Lets’s hope that will come true …



June 2, 2008

Nomen nescioNomen nescio

Ever since we decided to also show the substitues in a SoccerProject match report, we noticed some spots on the bench were left empty by the assistent coach. Clearly this was a bug, but it turned out very hard to find the exact cause.

Thanks to manager el stino and a few other persisting Dutch managers we were able to spot 2 specific cases in which this anomaly would occur. As often, once we found those, it was an easy fix in the code.

Although we can never be sure all N.N.-related problems are solved now, at least I’m sure I fixed 2 bugs and I’d like to thank all managers who helped finding this bug. Muchos Gracias !