Nomen nescioNomen nescio

Ever since we decided to also show the substitues in a SoccerProject match report, we noticed some spots on the bench were left empty by the assistent coach. Clearly this was a bug, but it turned out very hard to find the exact cause.

Thanks to manager el stino and a few other persisting Dutch managers we were able to spot 2 specific cases in which this anomaly would occur. As often, once we found those, it was an easy fix in the code.

Although we can never be sure all N.N.-related problems are solved now, at least I’m sure I fixed 2 bugs and I’d like to thank all managers who helped finding this bug. Muchos Gracias !

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2 Comments on “N.N.”

  1. Tom Says:

    This probably isn’t the best medium for suggestions, but maybe it should be possible to explicitly choose to have empty spots – if you only want to risk 3 players to play extra, or something.

  2. sjarel Says:

    You are right, it would be better to use the forum for your suggestions.

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