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New Chinese translator

July 31, 2008

Because the manager who translated SoccerProject into Chinese had left the game, I had to look for another translator. Luckily I found manager 无敌神话. He updated the translation immediately, so we’re back on track 😉



July 29, 2008

Small adjustment on SoccerProject. Not really worth a game-message, so I’m mentioning it here. As from now it will be impossible to bid much higher than the Instant-Buy-Price of a player on the transferlist. No reasonable manager would want to do that and this way I hope to prevent some managers from losing a lot of money because they simply typed a ‘zero’ too much.


July 24, 2008


I was contacted bij manager Ivek today. He asked if he could put a banner of SoccerProject on a popular site in his country. Obviously I told him he could and here’s the result :

I’m very pleased to see we have some interested managers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
and I really hope this will attract more managers from this beautiful country. At the moment there are 74 with manager Dince leading the rankings by far. Let’s see how this goes in the upcoming weeks…

One thing is for sure, this must be good for our Google PageRank. Thanks Ivek !

Indonesian and Turkmen

July 22, 2008

After I asked for managers interested in helping us with translating SoccerProject, we received two positive reactions. Managers andhi97 and Turkmen2 will help us with the Indonesian and Turkmen version of SoccerProject. Good luck guys !

Titou for Moderator

July 18, 2008

Long time no see… There has been little to write about lately, but at last something happened behind the scenes of SoccerProject.

French translator titou wrote me last week about an offensive post on the French part of the SoccerProject forum. I deleted the post as soon as possible, but also noticed we did not have a French moderator yet. So I decided to ask him if he could keep an eye on this forum and luckily he agreed.

Thanks titou, I wish you the best of luck as a mod on our forum 😉