SoccerProject in Sweden

Sweden in the country rankings

Sweden in the country rankings

Today I got to meet Swedish managers Haampz and
mikael_mellgren. Not in person, just online of course 😉

It turns out we do have some big fans in Sweden. I’ve always thought this was never going to happen so I’m really glad SoccerProject does have some Swedish “addiction” going on now. Haampz is going for the title with his team Sidus IF and mikael_mellgren has already made it into division G with Gärdet, so there are even good managers over there 😉

Haampz also has it’s own blog and made a nice post about SoccerProject. Be sure to read it, if you know any Swedish of course 😛 : . Together they are going to try to attract more Swedish managers to SoccerProject. I certainly hope it will work out !

In short, two other small changes. You can now choose which types of message you want to receive from a newly added favourite team immediately, instead of having to edit it afterwards. I’m quite sure this will come in handy for a lot of managers. And for our Dutch friends, I’ve changed the word “Plein” into “Veld”, because they told me (at the SoccerProject meeting in Brussels) yesterday, they were confused because of that word. More about the meeting in my next post, by the way.

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