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Recently I was developing some HTML-forms in which I needed some client-side validation. Luckily it was just then that I received this interesting article on Smashing Magazine.

I decided to try out LiveValidation and wanted to share some of my experiences here.

  1. First of all, very important, the ease of use. It only takes a few lines of code to add decent validation. The one thing I did spend time on was that it turns out you need to include the js-file in the head-tag, anywhere else wasn’t working for me.
  2. Overall I found it a very easy-to-learn javascript-lib, which I will certainly be using again in other projects in the future.
  3. For SoccerProject it did have some downsides though. Allthough not really a Livevalidation problem, it did take me a long time to figure out that unicode is a problem for Javascript Regex.
  4. More importantly, it turned out that on the day I implemented this feature on the SoccerProject subscription page, we had 50% less subscriptions. I must have done something wrong, or maybe it was the unicode problem, but as it was working for me, it would have been really hard finding out why it wasn’t working for others. So I decided to remove the client-side validation there.

Conclusion is simple. I’d recommend this lightweight lib for anyone who wants to use client-side form-validation. If I had to give one single tip : Playing around with the massValidate-function gave me exactly what I needed, apart from the default behaviour.

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