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Ever since we started out with SoccerProject the forum has been powered by phpBB. I don’t recall the version we started with, but for the last months we were using phpBB v2.0.18.

Allthough I added several modifications, we suffered more and more from spambots during the last few weeks. So we decided to migrate to the latest version : phpBB v3.0.2

Unfortunately that did not go as expected and as you know from the SoccerProject gameMessages we even lost some data in the process. So what went wrong ?

We used the default converter from phpBB, but apparently that one doesn’t handle utf-8 MySQL-tables as it should. This resulted in a lot of converted forumposts to be unreadable, especially in the Czech and other foreign languages sections of our forum.

From some other websites, eg. this one, we learned what the problem was, but an exact simple problem solution was hard to find. At least we didn’t find any. So we decided on the following solution :

  1. Export phpBB2 database
  2. Manually make sure all tables were defined as being utf-8
  3. Import in phpBB3 database

Looks very simple, but none of the articles we found on the subject put it like this. This solution worked out for us, and I hope it will be useful to someone else in the future, because I know how hard it is to work without decent info..

By the way, the converter is not really user-friendly. ReesinG (he did all the work this time) told me he had to click every three minutes to keep the process going…. Just a warning for those who want to get started, it’ll be a long evening 😉

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2 Comments on “phpBB conversion”

  1. […] this is annoying, I’ve put up with this so far. However today I found out that after we migrated to the new phpBB-version, registered COPPA-users no longer had access to the standard forums. Fortunetaly one of those users […]

  2. Hi! A good forum, glad to join you 🙂

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