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November 30, 2008

As you prolly know we’re using phpBB for the SoccerProject forum. In general that’s OK, but of course there are some drawbacks as well. One of these is that every time a new member registers and he indicates his age is lower then 13, we need to manually grant him the necessary permissions according to the COPPA-rules. Allthough this is annoying, I’ve put up with this so far. However today I found out that after we migrated to the new phpBB-version, registered COPPA-users no longer had access to the standard forums. Fortunetaly one of those users pointed this out to me and was able to fix this … We can now be sure that also Registered COPPA-users can read all the public forums.

Meanwhile Don QaTar finished the Indian translation. Unfortunately he needs to make some corrections before we can launch it and now he has exams. So it will take some more time before it’s online.



November 13, 2008


A few days ago we were contacted by two managers who wanted to help SoccerProject by creating a Hindi translation. It’s hard to believe , but over a thousand items have now alreeady been done by them. Let’s hope we’re heading towards a 27th SoccerProject-language. Go Don QaTar and Shreejesh !

Javascript calendar

November 13, 2008

Theme Winter

For the past few weeks I have been looking for a good open source javascript DateTime picker. This week I was lucky enough to finally find a good one. Not only did it work as expected, it took me just ten minutes to integrate in an existing project and it came with very good documentation. So if you ever need a good javascript calendar for free, I can recommend

Money as Debt

November 3, 2008

I just came accross an interesting series of YouTube videos. Of course I’m always a fan of conspiracy theories but this was really interesting imho : More info can be found at

The SoccerProject economy seems very simple compared to this 😉