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Minor tweaks II

December 29, 2008


Upon request :

– Instant-Buy-Price is now shown in the overview of players you are trying to buy.
– SPFA-managers can now sort their favourites on the favourites page. I admit it’s very basic, but it does the job. Favourites can be ‘upped’ which enables a manager to choose the complete order of favourites.

It has been a long time since, but the Norwegian translation is up-to-date now. Me happy 🙂


The new staff wages

December 26, 2008

As you might have read on SoccerProject, the new season comes with quite a big adjustment:

“For a really long time already, staff members have been feeling undervalued because of the low wage they were earning compared to the player’s wages. Therefor, the wage demands from all staff members will raise as from now. It’s up to each manager to find out how much, but we’re sure you will need to raise their current wage significantly. Also this will make each manager think about which staff he needs and how good they need to be for their team …

As a compensation SoccerProject will be increasing the number of stadium banners.

We have chosen not to announce this measure in advance, because this would have given current managers an even bigger edge over new managers. New managers will have to pay these new wages immediately, whereas the current staff members keep their current contracts.”

Not only will this add an extra to dimension to SoccerProject, because managers now will have to think about which staff to hire, I’m also glad there is now an exponential curve in the staff wage demands.

Staff wages

As you can see, better coaches will now ask for more. Better said, the wage difference between a 90% coach and a 100% coach will be a lot bigger than the difference between a 30% and a 40% coach. I think that’s a great improvement and makes SoccerProject again a little bit more realistic.

Simple SEO

December 25, 2008

SEO tutorial

Recently a friend of mine asked me how to get her website into the Google search engine and thus attract more visitors. Her Savante website has been online for a few years, but she never really felt it has helped her business a lot. Obviously I’m not an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I decided to try and help her.

I started by taking a look at her site and the first thing I did was recommending her to use Google Analytics. At least she now knows exactly how many people are really visiting her website and if she succeeds in raising that number, she’ll be able to verify that.

Of course the web is full of SEO websites, so I’m nog going to repeat all SEO tips and tricks you can find all over the web, but I’d like to point t a good tutorial I found. I came across this very useful SEO tutorial, which explains the basics on how to start. I think this tutorial will give her or anyone with a website a good SEO start.

For my friend in particular, I thinks she needs to focus on a few important detials first.
– Choosing the Google keywords she aims for : Fotograaf, Tongerlo, Westerlo, reportages, huwelijk, bruiloft, communie, geboorte, portret, album, Geel, baby, familie, foto, fotografie, …
– Scoring backlinks by visiting forums or bloggers. For example, I’m sure she’s very interested in what a friend of mine blogs about at Stuutekeer. Leaving a comment over there once and awhile couldn’t hurt.
– Images should at least have decent Alt and Title tags. You don’t have to believe me, but if Matt Cutts say so …

Of course there’s many more, but I’ll leave it to the interested reader to find out from the SEO tutorial.

And BTW : Merry Christmas !

New Norwegian translator

December 23, 2008

Since yesterday we have a new Norwegian translator at SoccerProject. Manager Notwell replaces janove who no longer has time for translation. I’d like to thanks janove for 2 years of translation work and wish Notwell all the best in his new function …

JQuery : A new love with an easy start

December 18, 2008


Not so long ago I posted about a JavaScript calendar and a JavaScript Form validation library. Both were exactly what I was looking for at the time, but now I’ve found something even better : JQuery.

JQuery is a Javascript Framework which make it very easy to traverse the HTML DOM tree. A lot of plugins have been written for JQuery and last week I’ve been trying some of them out. I am now almost sure this will be the only JavaScript I will be using from now on. Stuff I used to write my own code for, and which took me a lot of time, headaches and lines of code are now simply being handled by a single line of code and I’m sure it will work cross-browser.

Most importantly, it took me very little time to get a hang of it and once I knew how it worked, it only took me very little time to get several JQuery plugins to work :

Form validation
Several interface elements, eg. Drag and Drop
Table sorting
row/column highlighting
Excel-like In place table cell editing

Both well documented and foreseen of extensive examples, it has been a pleasure exploring them all. I also came accross a site which is very handy : VisualJQuery.

In short, I can only recommend JQuery for anyone who wants to use JavaScript. Even if it were only a little….

Minor tweaks

December 16, 2008

famfamfam flag collection

I added 2 minor tweaks to SoccerProject yesterday.

– As from now, you no longer have to raise the current bid on a player by 5%, if you match the Instant-Buy-Price. This seems logical and in fact it should have been like this from the start I think. But, never too late to correct such features of course …

– I’ve also added flags to the statistics pages of players and managers. I realize this won’t interest most managers, but hopefully it can please some managers. Talking about flags, I recently stumbled upon a free collection of flags at Where were those when I needed them ?

A new sheriff : etwas

December 14, 2008

Because sheriff patqa will be resigning his Sheriff-position in the near future for personal reasons, we have now named a new Czech sheriff. Since a few days etwas is the new Sheriff in town. Of course I wish him all the best and I hope he will quickly integrate in the current Sheriff team: Bats1903, BadBuffalo, Aura and ~dardar_3~.

I would also like to thank manager patqa for all the hard work he did for SoccerProject during his Sheriff-period and I’m especially thankful because he is nog showing etwas the way in the Sheriff’s Office. Patqa, I wish you all the best in your ‘next’ life !