Minor tweaks

famfamfam flag collection

I added 2 minor tweaks to SoccerProject yesterday.

– As from now, you no longer have to raise the current bid on a player by 5%, if you match the Instant-Buy-Price. This seems logical and in fact it should have been like this from the start I think. But, never too late to correct such features of course …

– I’ve also added flags to the statistics pages of players and managers. I realize this won’t interest most managers, but hopefully it can please some managers. Talking about flags, I recently stumbled upon a free collection of flags at famfamfam.com. Where were those when I needed them ?

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2 Comments on “Minor tweaks”

  1. Geronimo Says:

    Do I notice a major spelling error here. ‘does’ :p

  2. sjarel Says:

    Just checking if my posts are being read 😛 Thx, it’s fixed now.

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