JQuery : A new love with an easy start



Not so long ago I posted about a JavaScript calendar and a JavaScript Form validation library. Both were exactly what I was looking for at the time, but now I’ve found something even better : JQuery.

JQuery is a Javascript Framework which make it very easy to traverse the HTML DOM tree. A lot of plugins have been written for JQuery and last week I’ve been trying some of them out. I am now almost sure this will be the only JavaScript I will be using from now on. Stuff I used to write my own code for, and which took me a lot of time, headaches and lines of code are now simply being handled by a single line of code and I’m sure it will work cross-browser.

Most importantly, it took me very little time to get a hang of it and once I knew how it worked, it only took me very little time to get several JQuery plugins to work :

Form validation
Several interface elements, eg. Drag and Drop
Table sorting
row/column highlighting
Excel-like In place table cell editing

Both well documented and foreseen of extensive examples, it has been a pleasure exploring them all. I also came accross a site which is very handy : VisualJQuery.

In short, I can only recommend JQuery for anyone who wants to use JavaScript. Even if it were only a little….

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