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Recently a friend of mine asked me how to get her website into the Google search engine and thus attract more visitors. Her Savante website has been online for a few years, but she never really felt it has helped her business a lot. Obviously I’m not an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I decided to try and help her.

I started by taking a look at her site and the first thing I did was recommending her to use Google Analytics. At least she now knows exactly how many people are really visiting her website and if she succeeds in raising that number, she’ll be able to verify that.

Of course the web is full of SEO websites, so I’m nog going to repeat all SEO tips and tricks you can find all over the web, but I’d like to point t a good tutorial I found. I came across this very useful SEO tutorial, which explains the basics on how to start. I think this tutorial will give her or anyone with a website a good SEO start.

For my friend in particular, I thinks she needs to focus on a few important detials first.
– Choosing the Google keywords she aims for : Fotograaf, Tongerlo, Westerlo, reportages, huwelijk, bruiloft, communie, geboorte, portret, album, Geel, baby, familie, foto, fotografie, …
– Scoring backlinks by visiting forums or bloggers. For example, I’m sure she’s very interested in what a friend of mine blogs about at Stuutekeer. Leaving a comment over there once and awhile couldn’t hurt.
– Images should at least have decent Alt and Title tags. You don’t have to believe me, but if Matt Cutts say so …

Of course there’s many more, but I’ll leave it to the interested reader to find out from the SEO tutorial.

And BTW : Merry Christmas !

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4 Comments on “Simple SEO”

  1. Abdul Says:

    Yes..!!! SEO is the best way to promote website in Major search engine like google, yahoo and msn. You are take great way to promote in search engine….


  2. Yes me too like your post. I have been found a cool new website thats about to launch (free for a short time) that has reports, free seo tools, seo tips, worksheets and all kinds of helpful SEO training for members. Really good info that might help you with a system for simple seo tips free SEO tools & stuff

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