The new staff wages

As you might have read on SoccerProject, the new season comes with quite a big adjustment:

“For a really long time already, staff members have been feeling undervalued because of the low wage they were earning compared to the player’s wages. Therefor, the wage demands from all staff members will raise as from now. It’s up to each manager to find out how much, but we’re sure you will need to raise their current wage significantly. Also this will make each manager think about which staff he needs and how good they need to be for their team …

As a compensation SoccerProject will be increasing the number of stadium banners.

We have chosen not to announce this measure in advance, because this would have given current managers an even bigger edge over new managers. New managers will have to pay these new wages immediately, whereas the current staff members keep their current contracts.”

Not only will this add an extra to dimension to SoccerProject, because managers now will have to think about which staff to hire, I’m also glad there is now an exponential curve in the staff wage demands.

Staff wages

As you can see, better coaches will now ask for more. Better said, the wage difference between a 90% coach and a 100% coach will be a lot bigger than the difference between a 30% and a 40% coach. I think that’s a great improvement and makes SoccerProject again a little bit more realistic.

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3 Comments on “The new staff wages”

  1. nomorewebvan Says:

    I have no complaint here but I think the point is lost on me anyway. I hired my Staff and sent them to courses until they all reached 100%. It was relatively fast and inexpensive. So now I have had top rated Staff for 4 seasons and never knew it? I knew the rating but did not know if that meant they were effective- that the Staff performance had any impact on my team in play, in wins, in injury prevention, in quality of Youth player, in less costly contract would be accepted….. I just figured that 100% was the way to go… I have never taken a vacation from SP but still have a 100% Assistant Manager… why?… because I have no idea if I need to… and don’t want to find out by screwing up… so SP has effectively added a tax here (Staff costs more) that will not change my behavior. I told you that I think I missed the point. Go SP!

  2. sjarel Says:

    The point is eaxctly what you are saying. We are often criticized for just being a financial trading game. Until this change, managers never had to worry about staff, their rating, the course, the wage, etc. But now they do, so imho this adds a new ‘management’ aspect to differentiate good from other managers.

  3. nomorewebvan Says:

    Agreed, this adds a new dimension to the game- Staff Management. Just as with Stadium Management, Tactics Management and Player Development… this adds playing challenge to the game. A good addition. And upon reflection, I am now actively managing my Staff where before I did not. Raising the bar on performance, that’s the hallmark of a good game. So I accept the challenge. Time for a new Groundskeeper anyway…. ha! Thanks for an excellent game… and getting better (the game, not me…)

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