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Frankie doparoma

January 24, 2009


As of today we have a new Czech moderator. Drajmi did no longer have time and has now been replaced by Frankie Doparoma aka frankie_kokotus. Thanks to Drajmi for all his moderation work and good luck to frankie !



January 16, 2009

SoccerProject LightBox

After years of having a really bad looking screenshots overview page, I finally made a decent one. Obviously there is still room for improvement, but for now this should do. I’m really glad I managed to improve this page, because it really wasn’t a good SoccerProject-ambassador to new users.

It took me only about half an hour and a few lines of code with the JQuery LightBox plugin. Why didn’t I think of this before…

New Portuguese translator

January 11, 2009
Eliomys quercinus

Eliomys quercinus

From time to time I try to make some time to check up on the SoccerProject translations. Boring but necessary. This time for instance I found out that our Portuguese translator had left SoccerProject.

Lucky for me, the first manager I contacted (also the one I met last season in one of the late stages of the cup and who gave me a hard time on the field) reacted in a positive way on my request to replace him. So from now on manager Eliomys is our new Portuguese translator. I’d like to thank him for giving it a try and wish him all the best with his SoccerProject team and the translations …