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With the addition of the online manager status to the league ranking and transfer list we have finally finished the complete integration of TalkerBee into SoccerProject. The platform seems stable now, but we made sure we could disable TalkerBee in case of problems on their side. I really hope this is a good addition to the community, let’s wait and see. Obviously this was working already, but I really looked forward to these small additions to really close the deal for me.

Meanwhile one of my favourite managers, “Venus in furs” has left SoccerProject. Not only was she one of the first female managers, she also was one of the first managers to beta-test SoccerProject and was very enthousiastic from the start. I learnt a lot from her about how managers experience the game. I remember she used Excel as one of the first managers to follow up on her player-developments, printing out the player skills every day… I’m quite sure she wasn’t the last one to do this, but I never thought of that myself when creating this game. Anyway, she lost interest after some time, but managed to keep her team alive until recently, I guess having children does limit your time šŸ˜‰ The number of remaining original beta-testers slowly decreases this way of course …

As a closure something something about our recent Google-problems. Maybe one of our advertisments partners did serve some malicious ads, but why didn’t we ever receive a warning from Google about this? They suddenly decided to offer a big warning sign to each and every user not using Internet Exploder, telling them SoccerProject was not to be trusted and even preventing most of them to log on. Personnally I feel this was absolutely not necessary. We would have taken the same measures as we did now, if they would have simply warned us. I can assure you the problem was solved within a few hours now. Imho Google simple abuses it’s power šŸ˜¦

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