How to please a community…

As from now a team, participating in a friendly cup, will no longer be marked as ‘subscribed’ for the total duration of the cup. When setting up the fixtures for a new round, all knocked-out teams will be marked as ‘no longer subscribed’ which will enable these teams to subscribe in a new cup. This has been a long requested feature and we hope to avoid some manager frustration by it.

Over time I saw a lot of forum topics like this one. The reason was very simple : A lot of managers felt that SoccerProject was almost unplayable with the existing Friendly Cup restrictions.

Obviously that is what the forum is there for. Managers can ask for whatever they want, I read most topics and from time to time I act upon it. But what strikes me in this case is the total lack of reaction when I finally decided to spend a few hours to please those managers. I received 1 PM, I saw 1 reaction on the Dutch forum, but that was it. Of course I couldn’t read the reactions on the foreign forums and I might have missed a post on the forums I do read, but I really expected more happy managers.

Nevertheless I’m sure I did please some managers and I guess it’s a lesson once more that I need to be careful with the forum’s opinions. It’s just the voice of a few managers, mostly the ones who are not too happy about something. Maybe I should even assume that all managers not talking on the forum, are very satisfied with SP and it’s best no to change anything 😉

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3 Comments on “How to please a community…”

  1. sedat Says:

    I am very very happy 🙂 and planning new strategies,

  2. el stino Says:

    het is zeker een goeie invoering Sjarel.
    klein, maar goed 🙂

  3. jayantnk Says:

    I was happy that you are active to respond to actual need of managers. Thanks a lot for this change. Very acceptable change. 🙂

    Jayant NK

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